A beautiful quilt made with our William Morris fabric

21st April 2017

Having arty friends is always fun, seeing what they can create from materials- especially when it’s our very own licensed William Morris fabric. Recently our lovely friend Elaine showed us what she’d worked on as a gift to us- a beautiful quilt made of a mash up of our fabrics that were her favourites. All Morris’ patterns are very intricate and detailed, and honestly, sometimes we question if they’d go together- we ┬áhave a Mallow blue window blinds in the kitchen and often switch out the tablecloths and the tea towel we hang over the oven- but would putting the fabrics in close quarters work? Well we’ve answered our own question with a big fat yes- the patterns in the quilt instead of looking too fussy and detracting from each other all work together seamlessly to create a much more interesting quilt. The colours all work together and draw the eye over the different patterns- leaving each to have it’s moment as their own entity within the design as a whole.

The quilt really livens up the day bed it’s pictured on to give it a refreshed feel- we’ve spoken time and time again about how such simple changes such as a lick of paint on the walls and new textiles within a room can make the entire room feel brand new- you really don’t have to spend a fortune to transform a place and often, when you think furniture looks tired, instead of replacing it you can often take some fabric and recover and revitalise it!