William Morris Craft: A Door Stop

12th November 2020

In this blog, we’re getting a little crafty, making a William Morris craft; a door stop. Functional but we believe a doorstop should still be chic! We’ll let you know how to do this craft in this blog, but any questions, just message us on Instagram!

You’ll need:

  • Your chosen William Morris cotton fabric from our collection, we went with blue Strawberry Thief
  • A sewing machine + kit
  • Ziplock bag
  • Sand or weighted material

How to make:

To prep:

Take your fabric and cut out 6 squares. Each square needs to be 15cm by 15cm.

Then you need to cut our your handle – that should be around 25cm long and 7cm wide.

Moving onto the construction:

Make sure the pattern is the right way round and then put two squares pattern to pattern and hem down the right hand side

Add the third square and sew down the right hand side to one side of the two pieces

Adjoin the fourth so you have a box and all are now sewn together, making sure you’ve pressed their seams as you go along.

Now you need to make the handle – fold one edge over 1/2 a cm to form a seam and press it. Then fold take the other raw edge into the centre and fold the pressed seam over to sew it down which makes the handle.

Take the fifth square and lay it face on the table, pattern facing upwards and lay the handle so the seam is down onto the fabric to hide the seam. Then sew the handle on, make sure it is looped so you can put your hand in the handle. Back tack both sides of the handle then sew it.

Turn all inside out so the handle is inside

Seam all the squares together and make sure to go over the handle whilst it’s inside out. Turn the right way round and just press all the seams on the pattern sides so it’s all square and neat.

Put it back inside out and attach the sixth side by three sides (leaving one side of the square open)

Turn it now the right way round so the pattern is facing outwards, take a strong plastic bag (we used a zip lock bag) and push it inside the box and then fill with sand. Seal the bag and then fold in the seam and stitch the final side together.


There you go – a William Morris Craft, making a door stop! Also perfect for gifting if you’re making homemade gifts this Christmas! If you make this craft, let us know! We love being tagged on social to see what you’re working on!