Customer Feedback

8th September 2015

It is always exciting when a customer sends us photos of things they have made with our fabric. Jenny recently sent us these photos of her Golden Lily sofa recently upholstered in our fabric!

GL Sofa

golden sofa

It looks wonderful, we are sure you would agree!

We also received a lovely email from Sandra, shown below. We always love when customers are happy with our service and products and love to hear from you all! Please email us at sales@laurasbeau.co.uk to send photos or comments to- we’d love to chat!


Having ordered a metre of blue ‘Strawberry Thief’ cotton online less than 90 minutes ago, I’ve just seen your email to say it’s already on its way to me. Thanks so much for such swift service – quite amazing! This comes after receiving a lovely piece of heavier ‘Pimpernel’ cotton that I received from you very promptly a couple of weeks ago via eBay.

I have a bad habit of buying fabric online but by the time it arrives, I have moved on to another project and so it sits there for ages. Now I have no excuse, and will get down to making this up as soon as it gets here – a runner and napkins to spruce up the table in my newly-painted front room.

Thanks again, and I will certainly return to make further orders of your lovely fabrics and other items for the home.

Kind regards