22nd July 2014

If you are anything like us, you’re currently sat in work wishfully thinking of being at the seaside in the sun with an ice cream cone in your hand.

Unfortunately, we are not all that lucky, and so instead we have compromised with a barbecue in our garden this evening.

We have decided we have three products that will be essentials for a BBQ, which are as follows.


Our Fleur tablecloth is our first choice for a summer table. The white and blue brighten up any kitchen or garden, and look lovely with the contrasting reverse colour place mats.

lauras beau-105047

Our Lavender tablecloth is also perfect for summer, the white and lavender tones along with the green stems are simple and clean for a summer kitchen. This brightens up any room without having to go through the hassle of completely redecorating a room.


If you are having a BBQ outside, its usually better to be safe than sorry with your clean tablecloth. This is why we recommend a PVC oilcloth tablecloth so any spills can be wiped away easily- that wet tablecloth from a spilled glass of wine will be a thing in the past with this tablecloth! The William Morris Lily design is our favorite one for a summers BBQ.

We hope you have a lovely summers evening whatever you are doing!