William Morris Crafts; Halloween

26th October 2019

As spooky season descends, we’re more the types to prefer treats over tricks. We’re talking trick or treat sized chocolate bags, pumpkin carving and maybe even some ‘spooky’ cookie decorating. Plus, our Halloween William Morris crafts.

We made these a few years ago and bring them out every year!

Using our William Morris Compton fabric, we simply covered a pumpkin cardboard structure from Hollycraft. It’s really simple and fun to do, but we think it turned out really effective! It’s perfect to decorate the house, lasts longer than a regular pumpkin and is a little more stylish don’t you think?

Decorating around the holidays – any holiday, be it Easter, Christmas or Halloween, is so much fun. It really breaks up the ‘normal’ day to day decor of the home.

It’s an easy project – you just need:

We used bias binding because it’s easy to work with for a project this size and saves you from cutting lots of pieces from a metre piece, though you can do that if you’d prefer, we’d say around half a metre would work brilliantly.

There’s lots of other William Morris fabrics we could have chosen within our collection, so take a look at what would work best for you. We also chose Compton because it’s such a great fabric for Autumn, the tones within it are so beautiful. The orange within the design are really set off when the battery lit candles flicker within the pumpkin!


If you create one of our pumpkins, please let us know by tagging us on social media or emailing us at laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com