Japanese Cherry Blossom Season!

1st March 2016

We are sure everyone in Japan is very excited to see the cherry blossom season, or Hanami begin! It falls between March and May and, as you can see on our photos sent kindly by our exclusive Japanese distributor, is very beautiful!

The pink buds of the blossom are, in Japanese lore, the embodiment of the spirit  of the samurai- warriors whose time on earth is brief but glorious. Different regions of Japan see their blossom at different times throughout the 3 month period, many tourists and natives alike follow the blossoms around to see them in all their beauty. The blossom not only brings in the tourists to see the blossom itself, but also the products related to it (for example bath products), or made from it to sell to tourists is also very profitable for the country and its economy.

If you live in Washington, you may have seen the Japanese cherry blossoms lining the Tidal Basin in D.C. They were given in 1912 to the Americans from the Japanese as a token of friendship.

 Cherry blossom Japan

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