Laura’s Beau Exclusive Lavender Design

5th June 2015

In 2001 Ted Lacy had been working in the textile business both manufacturing and retailing for 53 years. His knowledge of design and commercial potential were second to none. Gill had been running her own textile business for eight years with Ted’s help and was now well established in the logo branding of football crests onto household textiles. With the business on a sound footing Gill wanted to create her own designs. Ted set out to show his daughter Gill how to produce a floral textile design from conception to finished products.

lauras beau-105047

It was with this goal in mind they drove to Norfolk where Ted had often stood near Sandringham estate and admired the English lavender fields.They wanted to produce a timeless, classic lavender design which expressed the gentle soft beauty of the lavender flower and stem. Over many weeks they worked together on the project. Driving all over Lancashire with the design to originate the screens for printing, working on the delicate colouration, sourcing English quilters to quilt the fabric for the placemats and pvc coaters to coat the 100% cotton fabric for wipe clean aprons and finally thread manufacturers for the contrasting threads to edge the tablecloths and napkins.Together they produced the exclusive Laura’s Beau lavender design. Today this design still makes Gill smile with the memories of the happy days researching, designing and producing the lavender design with her dad.

lauras beau-105223


Ted produced many winning designs throughout his career and his final design has truely been a winner which is continues to sell in great numbers all over the world.

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