Lavender; an ageless design.

2nd June 2017

As we’re now into spring/summer, year after year, our favourite design for the next few months is always the same; Lavender. The simple title reflects the simple design; sprigs of Lavender printed in smaller and larger designs over a white background. Simple in concept, it’s this simplicity that makes the design a timeless classic- bringing the English countryside indoors for a pattern which will brighten the home even if the English sun doesn’t always shine outside.

For us, the design is a sentimental one. Gill founded Laura’s Beau in 1994, and in the early days, was taught the trade by her late father, Ted. Ted was well known in the textile industry- he’d been part of it for 50 years when it was a huge UK industry and could give knowledge of  years of experience. On one of their drives through the English countryside they saw fields of English Lavender in Norfolk, and collaborated on their first project together which resulted in Lavender. Years later, we know their aim was achieved; for it to be an ageless design and bring a fresh feel into the home; forever capturing a memory in time of their journeys together.

The design has never been out of print since then, and we know it will continue to be loved as we continue to print it into the future. In a range of products from tablecloths to accessories, see the full range here.