Lavender Cocktails at the Shard!

24th August 2015

Visiting London, I knew one think I really wanted to do, was go for cocktails in the Shard. I had seen photos of the beautiful views over London, and thankfully, the day we went, the weather was clear enough that we could see for miles! It is amazing to be so high up over the sights of London, seeing the London Bridge, the London Eye, and St Paul’s Cathedral to name a few!



The photos were hard to take through the windows of the Shard, in person you wouldn’t believe how far you can see- and we were only on the 31st floor at the bar, next time I would love to go right to the top at level 72- good job I’m not scared of heights!

My drink of choice was a Champagne Lavender Cocktail- delicious!


Speaking of Lavender… Our Lavender fabric is so beautiful this time of year, so fresh and clean in your kitchen or dining room. We love to have it in our home at the end of summer beginning of Autumn time to brighten up the home- whilst we don’t live in France, it is nice to aspire to French elegance in your home!


Lavender looks especially beautiful with croissants- any excuse!

I would definitely recommend visiting the Shard, if you’re not from London and doing a quick sight seeing trip, it really is one of the places to go- to see all the sights with the city lights on in the evening it is wonderful. You could also go during the day to treat yourself to a meal there, or visit the viewing platform to see for up to 40 miles in full 360 degrees panorama!