Craft projects from our William Morris Fabric

19th May 2020

Hello + welcome back to another blog! We love seeing craft projects from our William Morris Fabric! The incredible projects you make always blow us away and give inspiration to others for projects they could craft! So, if you make anything out of our fabric, please let us know!
Send your photos to:laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com and we’ll send you a 20% discount code for your next order!

A Strawberry Thief Project

Pablo sent us these photos of his lovely project. The William Morris designs we always refer to as art because they’re that detailed and beautiful that they actually are artwork, so we love to see them hung on the wall as features. The chair tying in using the same Strawberry Thief blue fabric is so stunning isn’t it! We couldn’t love the pops of colour in the neutral room more, lovely!


Brother Rabbit Curtains

Izzy sent us some photos of the new curtains she made for her sitting room our of our Brother Rabbit fabric as a little lock down project to refresh the room. How beautiful! Her next project is some Willow Bough curtains for the bedroom, we can’t wait to see!

Up Cycled Tea Chest

We love a good up cycle, and someone with a good eye of how to do a good up cycle is Jo who created these wonderful tea chests. Using Strawberry Thief Blue fabric, doesn’t it go so well with the wood to make the entire thing into an amazing feature. We couldn’t love this more, you could even make one of these to store craft supplies in!

Face Masks

Ann made these washable fabric face masks using a range of our William Morris fabrics – what a lovely touch to use different coloured straps depending on the design. Ann’s Instagram is linked here to go check out getting one for yourself if you’re interested!

Willow Bough Tablecloth

If you have a large table like Linda’s here and we don’t have a big enough sized tablecloth to fit your table (view sizes here!) then an easy hack is to purchase our pvc fabric to fit your table. It’s sold by the half metre so you can get pretty accurate and because it won’t fray, you don’t even need to hem it – easy peasy and it looks fab. It’s also wipe clean which is fab for a dining table!
We hope you feel a little inspired by this blog and seeing some craft projects from our William Morris Fabric! We absolutely love seeing what you create, so remember to send us your photos!