The Great British Bake-Off Final!

8th October 2014

As big fans of the Great British Bake-Off, we can’t wait for tonights big final! With Richard Burr, Nancy Birtwhistle and Luis Troyano battling it out to be crowned the winner.

Whilst reading this weeks Telegraph Magazine, we were excited to see in Nancy’s kitchen, one of our Hull City Tigers Football Club oven gloves hung in her kitchen! Laura’s Beau’s roots lie in doing logo textiles for football and rugby clubs throughout the country. We still print for various football and rugby clubs and always like to see our products in peoples homes! After doing this for a number of years, the business grew into what it is today, producing household textiles with our own designs from our late 1800- early 1900 French archive, to our licensed William Morris design ranges.


(Photo by Alice Whitby: The Telegraph Magazine 4th October issue)

With Birtwhistle a retired GP practice manager, Burr working in construction and Troyano a graphic designer, the final this year has a huge range of personalities and talents this year, which makes watching it even more entertaining- and tense- as we wait for tonights show to see who the winner will be!

Tune in tonight on BBC1 at 8pm!