William Morris Arts & Crafts

30th October 2018

You might have seen our past blogs like this where we take a look at your craft products that you’ve created with our fabrics. Our fabric is available by the half metre, in all different William Morris designs and in various fabric weights including cotton, cotton drill, heavyweight cotton and pvc coated fabric. It’s also worth a mention that all our fabric is printed right here in the United Kingdom and all our products are manufactured here too – a proud British business.

If you don’t mind being featured on our social media and blog, and would like to share what you’ve created with our fabrics, send us your photos to laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com and we will send you a 20% discount code off your next order!



Bev bought our William Morris Eyebright tea towels which went so lovely in her kitchen that she decided to have covers made for her Everhot in the same fabric. It’s a great way to decorate your kitchen and tie in all the decor – we love the colour scheme and the print above the stove!


Louisa recovered a lampshade to light up her cottage in our William Morris Willow Bough fabric. We love recovering old furniture and home furnishings – it’s so suprising how different items look when they’re recovered with different textiles and new life is breathed into the piece. Sometimes, you might love the base item but just be tired of the design or it’s become a little stained and old – we often recover our kitchen and dining room chairs to upcycle them for a new season or with a new colour scheme. Louisa sent a lovely email with her photo and called our fabric “very good quality aswell as beautiful,” we love your lamp and can’t wait to see what you make with the left over material!
Jane also created a lamp shade, this time using our Brother Rabbit blue fabric. It’s a popular design, designed by Morris in May 1882, first created by William Morris using the indigo-discharge method of printing. The printing in this method took three long days to complete for the process, from dying the fabric to print with a bleaching reagent, application of mordants and then immersed in a madder vat. The excess colour was cleaned off and then the fabric set at boiling point, passed through soap before being laid outside to purify and dry. The Brother Rabbit design is sometimes also referred to as “Brer Rabbit,” and was inspired by a story Morris read to his daughters, Jenny and May called Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris. The birds within the design were drawn by Philip Webb, William Morris’ lifelong close friend and colleague.
If you have any projects you’ve completed, don’t forget to show us by emailing us at laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com – make sure to let us know about your project too and any inspiration behind it, and we’ll email you a 20% discount code off your next order on our website!