The Everlasting Vision of William Morris

20th October 2014

The Tamsui Historical Museum, Taiwan has been holding a exhibition since last November, until the 31st October, named ‘The Everlasting Vision of William Morris.’ Since we are a business which licences William Morris designs for retail on our ecommerce website, we are obviously very excited to see that at the other side of the world, Morris’ influences and designs are being appreciated and recognised.

The British Council are hosting the exhibit, and on their website describe the exhibit as, ‘Come and discover textiles, wallpapers and reformed home environments designed by William Morris, one of the most influential desginers of the 19th century. The combination of furniture, floral printings and other decorations recreate the maestro’s aesthetics of the living space, enabling viewers to experience the British lifestyle of the nineteenth century.’

The website of the exhibit is exciting to see as we see Morris’ designs with Chinese writing!


Our favourite designs for Morris are Strawberry Thief Red, and Lily, we wonder if these are in the exhibit in Taiwan!



We wish we could see the exhibit ourselves!