Born on this day: Rudyard Kipling

30th December 2017

Born on this day in 1865, Rudyard Kipling was an English journalist, short story writer, poet and novelist. Perhaps we know him best as the author of the well know and much loved The Jungle Book. Did we tell you of our trip to see his former home, Bateman’s? Located in the East Sussex countryside, the home is absolutely beautiful and one you must visit if you get the opportunity!


Today considered one of the great English writers, he was born in Bombay, India. His parents had travelled over to help the British government run the continent along with many of their peers at the time. His mother’s sister married Sir Edward Burne Jones – Morris’ good friend. It’s funny to see how many of the most famous artists, poets and writers all knew each other during this period!

The influences of India can be seen throughout Kipling’s life work, he fell in love with the culture and language and throughout Bateman’s you can see oriental rugs and artefacts which indicate his connection to India.


His love of literature was formed early – aged 6 he was sent to school in England where he lived with a foster family who didn’t treat him very well. He looked for an escape in literature and it shaped his career choice.

He came to live at Bateman’s after tragedy struck. On a journey across the Atlantic, headed for New York, the weather was freezing and himself and his daughter Josephine came down with pneumonia – as many did at the time. He survived the illness but his daughter did not and so along with his wife they left America and moved to Bateman’s. They cherished the isolation and peaceful life it afforded them.

Our favourite room in his house to visit was the Study – as an incredibly famous writer, it’s incredible to just imagine what he wrote whilst in that very room!

If you have a moment, have a research of Rudyard’s life – he has an incredible story!