Christmas Crafting with our Reindeer & Snowflake Fabric

15th November 2018

We’re constantly surrounded by beautiful fabric in various designs, so whenever we get spare few minutes, we always find ourselves doing some simple crafts with them! Inspired by what we’ve seen online or in crafting magazines, it’s always so fun to settle down into our latest project!

In this blog we’re going to show you two of our favourite Christmas crafts that look beautiful as decorations round the home – whether they’re a Christmas table centrepiece or a fabric wreath that sits wonderfully on the sideboard!

For our fabric Christmas tree, though it looks quite complicated, it’s really quite simple!

Christmas Tree

You will need:

♥ 1m of our Reindeer & Snowflake fabric

♥ Needle and thread

♥ Scissors

♥ Pack of bells

♥ Christmas tree cone (we got ours at Hobbycraft)

♥ PVA Glue

For this, you first need to cut your fabric. We estimate for our size of tree we needed around a metre of fabric.

We cut the fabric into various widths – decreasing as we went so that the fabric will take on the Christmas tree cone shape. Lay out your fabric strips; you’ll be starting with the thicker pieces as these will sit at the bottom of the tree and you’ll therefore do first. The longer length allows for more ruching.

Taking your needle and thread, do a running stitch across the top of the fabric and pull until it’s ruched. Once you’ve pulled it, stitch both ends of the fabric together so it’s almost like a scrunchie. Thread that on top of your tree and repeat with the various fabric widths until it’s complete, decreasing the widths as you approach the top.

Make sure to alternate the layers in terms of colours – don’t put quite a few red ones together for example, it looks so nice when you keep the pattern going like we have so that theres the red, white, green and blue all running together.

When we reached the top, we glued on a bell – after all, what’s Christmas without a jingle bell!


Christmas Wreath

Our wreath is another Christmas craft we enjoyed making.

This one is so simple, you’ll need:

♥ Wire wreath frame – ours had two wire circles

♥ 1m Reindeer & Snowflake fabric

♥ Tulle fabric

♥ Netting fabric

♥ Ribbon for hanging

Taking the Reindeer and Snowflake fabric and tulle, cut the different fabrics into steps and in an alternating pattern, tie each individually to the wire frame. Repeat until you’ve finished the inner circle, then repeat on the outer circle.

We tied the red ribbon on first so we knew where we’d started and it creates an anchor for the rest of the fabric to be pushed to.¬†Remember to tightly tie the fabric and push it as close to the last piece as possible to create a full looking wreath.

And there you go Рtwo incredible easy but effective Christmas Crafts! If you make one of our crafts, remember to tag us on Twitter and Instagram!