Craft Your Own; Christmas Crackers

7th December 2018

There’s something lovely about Christmas crafting. Not only a celebration and a way to relax itself, but it’s so nice to put in the extra effort to show your friends and family what you’ve created them to enjoy.

We thought that Christmas crackers were the perfect thing to craft because not only are they more sustainable but they can be really personalised with the presents inside. We say sustainable because they’re made out of our napkins. You unwrap them and then use your napkin during dinner – if you want to learn more about why our fabric is sustainable you can read our blog on that.

To craft your own napkins, you’ll need a few things:

♥ Reindeer and Snowflake Napkins – one for each guest (they come in packs of 4)

♥ Treats to go in the cracker – we went with posh chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker and some Molton Brown goodies since our friends love this brand. We got some minis so they would fit in the crackers.

♥ Cardboard tubes, we got ours at Hobbycraft

♥ Pipe cleaners, we got Christmas multi coloured ones, two different patterns so they look slightly different

♥ Frozen wishes snowflakes – wooden topper stickers from Hobbycraft

♥¬†Gift tags

♥ Jokes and paper Christmas hats


How pretty are these chocolates!

We had a Christmas craft evening with friends to make our crackers. It’s so much more fun to craft with friends so get some wine (or coffee for us) plus some extra chocolates or mini mince pies and invite your friends over!

The Reindeer and Snowflakes design is a Nordic Christmas design. Scandi design is renowned for being simple in design. Clean with rustic touches, it’s a stunning design which is so effective with the different colours. Reindeers and Snowflakes dominate the design which reflects the Nordic influence and this sits between different layers of patterns.

To craft…

To begin your napkins, get your Reindeer and Snowflake napkins and fold it in half making sure the fold is along the lines of the design. so that all the Reindeers are sitting in the same direction. Take your cardboard inner tube and first place the joke and hat inside then, depending on who your cracker is for, place the gift inside.

The cracker is great because you can add in anything you’d like. Like we noted, we chose luxury chocolates, Molton Brown treats and also some Aveeno goodies for friends that love those too. You could also add in other things; perfume rollerballs, earrings, lipgloss – you could really add in anything and use it to give your gifts to friends!

Add the treats in now and then you’re ready to roll them!

Roll the cardboard in the napkin, making sure that your favourite part of the design is visible when it’s finally rolled. Then, slightly twist the ends and tuck them ever so slightly back into the tube. This is so that that they don’t unroll and are kept in place better by the pipe cleaners.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around both sides, it’s best to go round twice then twist together so they hold best. That’s all there is to it to create your Christmas crackers!

The finishing touches…

To decorate, we added the silver and white glitter snowflakes – just for an extra bit of pizzazz. They also reflect the design with the snowflakes!

Since all the crackers will end up looking the same, you need to write gift tags and attach them to each cracker. Otherwise, you’ll create all these beautiful crackers and not know who’s cracker is who’s. Especially annoying if each gift is personalised!

It’s also an additional touch to be able to write a nice little note to each of your guests to say Merry Christmas. Attach them to one end by the pipe cleaner or tuck underneath the glitter snowflake before you attach that.

There you go – such an easy craft but one that’s so lovely and will really add that personal touch to your Christmas dinner. Remember to show us by tagging us on social media if you craft our Christmas crackers!