“Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp In The Fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

1st October 2019

As the Summer months come to a close (sporadic as the sunshine was), we’re getting really excited for the Fall/Autumn. Changing out home furnishings is one way we love to create a point of difference within the home as we move into the colder months. Swapping out the brighter tones from the Summer months to warmer colours more fitting with the season is a perfect way to make your home more cosy when the weather chills.

It’s not to say you need to make many changes. Within the living room for example, there’s no need to paint walls and change the carpet. Just switch out cushion covers, lampshades and perhaps even recover a chair with a new fabric to upcycle it.

Here are our top Autumn William Morris designs you can shop now. Though of course all our designs work year-round!

Strawberry Thief Red and Blue

Our latest design, our Strawberry Thief blue and red design has perfect tones in for this time of year. The deep blues with the pop of red in the strawberry is our favourite right now. The red is stunning too – the birds within the design really make you look – there’s such layers of detail within the design that we encourage you to keep looking at it until you see them all!


Compton was first designed by William Morris in 1896, commissioned for Mr Lawrence Hodson’s Compton Hall in Wolverhampton. The tones within the design was absolutely stunning in Autumn. The warm oranges and deep greens are beautiful, along with the crispness within the design.

Brother Rabbit blue and red

If you follow us on social media you may have met our fluffy little bunny rabbit, so it’s no surprised that Brother Rabbit remains one of our all time favourite Morris designs. In both blue and red, it is also referred to as ‘Brer Rabbit,’ alludes to the Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris, of which Morris and his children Jenny and May were fond of reading at their home, Kelmscott Manor. The birds within the designs were drawn by Morris’ close friend Philip Webb.


You can probably see why we chose Eyebright to be in this blog based on the tones within the fabric. They’re utterly stunning, orignally designed by Morris to be a lining fabric, we can’t imagine this being hidden away in a lining.

There are so many more designs that we want to mention, but perhaps you can take a look through our collection and decide which ones you like best! Do let us know!