Digital Photo Printing… What Will You Create?

7th May 2018

We’re excited to have recently launched our digital photo printing service! The digital print machine that we print on is of the highest quality and gives an incredible finish to faithfully re-produce photos on textiles; it takes high quality photos and prints them on household textiles. From aprons, tea towels, tote bags and cushions, what could your project be?

What makes it different to normal printing?

The benefits of digital print are plentiful – first of all, there’s no screen costs as it’s all done from a digital print machine which means that we can also do shorter runs of products – many require 30 products minimum. We work with an incredible printer who put an extra finishing process on your products which ensure that your products are a higher quality than other digital printing and don’t fade after washing.

As with all of our products, our digital printing is done right here in the United Kingdom, we love British business and always feel it’s important to support the British textile industry.

For the project, you need to supply us with a photograph of 300dpi to ensure the image is sharp and able to be blown up on a product and remain a high quality. If you’d like help with your project, our textile designer is always on hand to assist you; whether that’s to work out where a logo should be placed or to merge different photos together; the limits are endless as to the designs you can create!

You might see our digitally printed items in gift shops throughout the country, but could we help you with a project? From a tea towel favour for a party to mark an occasion to a tote bag to promote a club or society, you can have a crisp photo, slogan, logo – whatever you’d like! Have a look below at some inspiration!

What will you create?