Digital Photo Printing; High Quality Photo Printing – Short Runs

1st August 2019

You’ve perhaps seen that we do digital photo printing, so we just wanted to let you know more about the service!

Before we begin, you can always read our sustainability and environmental ethos here. We’re aware and committed to doing everything we can throughout our printing and manufacturing process to ensure that we are always being as careful as possible when it comes to our footprints.

The digital machine that we use to print is of the highest quality. It gives an incredible finish that faithfully re-produces photos on textiles. The high quality (high res) photo is then printed on household textiles – tea towels, aprons, tote bags and cushions.

It’s different to traditional printing because of it’s benefits. There are no screen costs because the prints are done from the digital print machine. That’s a benefit for the outlay of costs but also, it means that you can have shorter print runs. For many of our digital print ranges, it’s just 30 units minimum.

We’re also different from others because our printers put an extra finishing process on your products which ensure your products are of a higher quality than other digital printing – they don’t fade after washing.

Of course, just like every product range, our digital printing is done right here in the UK. We’re a proud British business and we really love that we’re supporting the British textile industry which is traditional.

To get going with your project – you just need to supply us with a high resolution photo of 300dpi. It’s important it’s a high res image because it needs to be sharp when it’s blown up to put on a product. We have a designer that is always on hand to help you with your product and ensure you’re happy with the end result. Whether that’s just a single photo, writing, branding etc. on your product, he can help create something that will work for you.

You might see our digitally printed items in gift shops throughout the country, but could we help you with a project? From a tea towel favour for a party to mark an occasion to a tote bag to promote a club or society, you can have a crisp photo, slogan, logo – whatever you’d like! Have a look below at some inspiration!