Exhibition of Buttonhooks at Buxton Museum

14th May 2013

There is a wonderful exhibition of buttonhooks at Buxton Museum at the moment which consists of (probably thousands of) buttonhooks!   Before the invention and introduction of inexpensive and effective zip fastenings in the 1930s, buttonhooks were an everyday household gadget.  In fact, most households would have had several in different sizes.

Buttonhooks were made in every type of material and, therefore, could be cheap or very expensive.    They are very popular with collectors today.  It is absolutely amazing to see the different varieties of buttonhooks that were produced.and just how beautiful they are.

The exhibition also has lots of items on display that were fastened by buttonhooks  such as shoes, boots, gloves and collars, as well as buttonhook cases and sets.   A fascinating exhibition  of social and design history.  The exhibition closes on Saturday 29th June, 2013.