Fancy a virtual holiday?

10th April 2020

We hope you’re all doing well right now and staying as safe as possible. It’s clear that one thing we’re all missing in particular (apart from friends and family of course) is travelling. We’re combating this as much as possible by taking the time to take a look back at scrapbooks and photo albums to look at where we have been and the things we’ve seen. Sometimes it’s worth taking the time to reflect on the adventures we’ve all been on, the ‘normal’ world is often such a rush, by the time you’re back at work a few days in the normal routine, it hardly feels like you’ve been away! So we thought we’d take you on a little virtual holiday.

Before we head off on our adventure, we wanted to say our hearts go out to all of the places affected by Covid-19.

So where are we off to today? Join us on our escapism…


If you throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain, right hand over left shoulder, the legend states that you’ll return to Rome in the future. We don’t want to risk it, so every time we’ve been lucky enough to go to Rome, we have to go throw our coin in. There’s something so special about Rome, the sights are unlike anywhere else, the food is second to none and it just feels special doesn’t it?

Our favourite sights to see are the aforementioned Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum where if your imagination is vivid enough you can almost see the Gladiators parading. Walk out of the Colosseum and head to the Forum to see the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the centre of ancient Rome. Marvel at the Pantheon, walk the halls of the Vatican and don’t get too busy you don’t forget to just sit, sipping a coffee, watching everyday life in the squares, it’s fun to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere!


It’s a state, not an actual specific destination, but oh goodness is it all just great. California is one of those states that just has it all. The glamorous allure of Hollywood, the excitement of Disney, the scenery out of a movie. There’s places so perfect that you’d think they were paintings. The Grand Canyon is actually really hard to stare at because the longer you do, the more you think ‘no, must be a setting from a Western movie or a Disney backdrop.’

Our favourite spots are not hard for us to decide. Disneyland, the original Walt Disney park is charming and with a strap-line of “the happiest place on earth,” who wouldn’t want to go? Palm Desert is one of the warmest places we’ve been; as the name suggests, it’s the literal desert. It has rolling mountains, 60s glamour and if it’s good enough for Elvis on his honeymoon and the location of many stars holiday homes including Frank Sinatra, it’s good enough for us! Drive down Route 101 down the coast and marvel at the beauty of it. Pretend to be a Beach Boy playing Surfin’ USA whilst taking in the sights. There’s no where like California, we could go on all day about things to do!


The plane landing might be a little bit of a difficult one, but once you’re there, this charming Island is unlike any other. It truly feels like a bubble here full of stunning vistas, delicious local food and amazing people. If you go, be sure to see the Madeiran traditional dancing, they are really amazing to watch and hopefully they’ll get you involved, it’s such good fun!


Paris draws us back time and time again because of the pure beauty of the place and the fact you never truly feel you’ve seen enough. Similar to Rome and Venice in the fact you can walk round the corner and be bowled over by the stunning architecture that’s innocently sitting there with no warning or fanfare!

If you have time whilst in Paris, there’s Disneyland Paris, so make sure to pop in and see Mickey and Minnie, say hi from us!


Well, in our list of the virtual holiday, we have to mention somewhere from home don’t we! There’s lots to see around this great island of ours, to say we’re a relatively small country but we do have so much to offer. In London, we absolutely love to go for afternoon tea, visit the sights and do a spot of shopping. Not to mention all the museums and exhibitions there are to explore!

We hope this has given you a little inspiration for when it’s safe again to travel! If you’d like to join in some of our fun over on social media, head on over and follow us! We hope you’ve you’ve enjoyed our little virtual holiday. Stay safe everyone!