Handmade William Morris Christmas Gift Ideas

2nd December 2020

This Christmas, it’s the best time of year to show loved ones how much you care. 2020 has been a trying year for all, so we’re aiming this year through a little more festive cheer than normal, to show our friends and family some extra love. We were thinking how to do this when the idea of a handmade William Morris Christmas gift came to mind. Now, you might not have the time – but if you do, then we’ve put together some easy crafts for you that they’ll love. If you have any more ideas for handmade William Morris Christmas gift ideas – let us know, we’d love to share what you’re making to give everyone inspiration!

A Scrunchie

The 90s favourite came firmly back into fashion this year, and for good reason. Not only are they comfy to wear, but in so many patterns and fabrics, they’re fun! We’ve done a few of these in various William Morris patterns – all in our 100% cotton fabric. They’re easy to make, and you can make them in the thinner version or thicker version depending on how you know they like to style their hair. Or both if they like to mix it up!

A simple stocking filler but one they’ll love to wear, you can make these in a variety of patterns and tie them together with a bow for gifting.

We wrote a whole blog on how to make your own WM scrunchie – you can read that here.

A William Morris Christmas Stocking

A stocking is not only traditional, but a great way to gift without using too much wrapping paper! The stocking can be the gift itself, to be used Christmas after Christmas as home decor and for refilling with presents. Or, you could fill it with a few treats. A stocking filled with chocolate always goes down well.


A William Morris Quilt

A quilt hanging over the back of a sofa or end of the bed is pretty timeless, and what a thoughtful gift making a quilt yourself for a loved one. If it’s your first time quilting, watch tutorials on Youtube to see how to make them, but we’ve been beginning to learn this year. Lockdown’s given us plenty of time after all! This beautiful William Morris quilt was made by our friend @sallytwosewstoo using our fabric.

How much fabric you’ll need: this will be dependant on how big your quilt is! Look at guides online for reference.

A William Morris dog bed

The way to most pet owners hearts is by spoiling their furry friends. What could be more luxe than a William Morris pet bed! You can see our little rabbit Trevor reclining in his bed – it’s admittedly a little big for such a little boy, but he’s ever so comfy in it that we couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him after asking him to model it. This is a bit more of a painstaking project as it takes more time and sewing skills, but it came out beautifully and we’d love to gift this to our dog friends this Christmas.

For smaller animals that aren’t as toilet trained, we do recommend just adding a layer of fabric on top to keep any accidents at bay.

How to make: you can read our blog on this here!

A William Morris Door Stop

Now this one isn’t as post friendly as it’s pretty heavy. But if you can gift it in person, it’s a really practical, useful gift, that also, is really pretty and decorative. Made in a Morris fabric to suit their interior, they’re sure to be grateful of this throughout the year!

How much fabric you’ll need:

How to make: see our blog on this craft!

A William Morris dog bandana

We’ve done a whole blog on how to make this, but another pet orientated gift (we can’t leave them out can we!) is a dog bandana. You can read all about this craft in that blog, but how cute does little Oscar look in this! An easy craft, they’re sure to feel top dog in this one.


A William Morris Laundry Bag

Perfect for everyday life and for taking on holiday to separate clean and dirty washing. It’s a super chic alternative to a boring ol’ laundry bag. With a drawstring pull, it doesn’t even need to be limited to laundry. Use it for a makeup bag, keeping your cotton wool in, as a packing cube for going on holiday – the list goes on. Basically – little bags are handy! You could also use it as gift wrap. Put your present inside the drawstring so the wrapping is part of the gift – we love a sustainable gifting option!

How much fabric you’ll need: depending on the size of your bag!


And there you have it, our suggestions for handmade William Morris Christmas gift ideas! There’s honestly so much you can do with our William Morris fabric this Christmas. We absolutely love seeing all your crafts. Keep an eye out on our social media where we share ideas all the time both from us and from what you all make!

All our Morris fabric is sold by the 1/2 metre, so really easy to get close to how much you need for your project. If your loved one is a craft king or queen, you could always gift them fabric – wrap it up with a lovely bow and it’s a great gift for their next project! Our fabric is all printed in the United Kingdom, our products are also all manufactured in the UK too.

Happy Crafting!