Masks on: It’s Staycation Time!

24th September 2020

We hope you’re all doing well! It’s 2020, so that means it’s staycation time! At the end of lockdown, we were so excited to purchase a motorhome. Lusting after one for years, it meant we could travel around the countryside, keeping to ourselves in a social distanced haven. A home on wheels, we’ve taken it all around Yorkshire, self contained and complying to all social distancing rumours of course.

The wonderful thing is, we’ve discovered there’s just so much to do around the UK. The sights to see and walks to take are all very lovely. Obviously, we can’t do everything we once would on holiday, but give us a little bit of sunshine (okay, we accept the limitations of the UK, give us grey sky and no rain!) and we’re good to go on a lovely walk.

We wanted to share a few photos from our travels with you. We hope you like them!


With huge, beautiful wide beaches, there’s nowhere quite like the Northumbria coast. We went to Holy Island which is always beautiful, always windy! Finding this wonderful anchor, we couldn’t resist a photo opportunity! Our William Morris Strawberry Thief long handled tote looks fab against all the blues of the sea! The tote is really useful in carrying around all our masks, sanitisers, snacks, plus all the layers we needed to battle the wind!

These sheds are a great idea, they’re boats that are no longer sea worthy, turned upside down and then reinforced against the elements. Lindisfarne is considered to be a sacred place of Anglo-Saxon England, it’s therefore rich in history and in magical myths. The fishermen on the Island thought it was a sin to send boats junk, so they used the old herring boats to convert them to storage sheds. It’s a great example of ingenuity, giving character to the landscape whilst up cycling what they already had, now they have another lease of life to store fishing equipment.

Beautiful Bamborough beach – we even saw a family riding their horses down the beach towards the castle, it was lovely. Made it all seem that little bit more Medieval too!


A proud Yorkshire business, we simply couldn’t leave Yorkshire out! We’ve been on quite a few trips round our home County, there’s lots to see and do as such a large county. Forever one of our favourite places, it’s been lovely to hop in the van and go for a weekend to Whitby, Sandsend beach is our favourite if you’re wanting to explore. If the weather is lovely, stroll along the beach with a coffee from the cafe on the beach. If it’s a little grey, head on up to Whitby Abbey and see why it’s the inspiration of Dracula! All outside activities, you can drive up to nearby the Abbey if you’d rather avoid the 199 stairs up to the Abbey.

To Flamborough Head, a day trip was in order! The weather was a scorcher so we hit it just right. We packed sun cream, masks, sanitiser and snacks in our small William Morris blue tote. Taking the trails down the cliff top walk, we also headed down to the beach. Failing to see any crabs but having a wonderful little break on the rocks. In all honesty, it’s not the best beach in Yorkshire, it’s dazzling cliffs are much more impressive. But, what it’s got is an overwhelming amount of nature and is a bird watchers paradise.

Jervaulx Abbey is somewhere that’s a little unknown to us. Everyone who’s seen our photos has asked where Jervaulx Abbey is. It’s 14 miles away from Ripon in North Yorkshire. A beautiful little haven for a walk and an explore of the Abbey. Avoiding sheep poo, it’s a lovely walk, especially if you get a sunny day like we managed to! Downsides to making camp here are the motorbikes that wizz past from morning until night. But, we’re glad the bike riders are having a great time. Something to take into account when driving in this area to just be a little careful since there are so many bikes around and a lot of tight corners.

Since on the campsites, we’re loving staying on the small sites, usually farms. It means we can wake up to the horses and sheep, and can even get fresh eggs. We can even say thank you to the hens as we walk past!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a few pictures from our travels. It’s a lot of fun so far, keep up to date on our adventures on Instagram!