National Cupcake Week!

15th September 2015

Here at Laura’s Beau, we’re all about the cupcakes, and were more than excited to learn it is National Cupcake week!

Throughout the week there are many exciting cupcake related activities going on including a Speciality & Fine food fair and the Baking Industry Awards.

The National Cupcake Week was launched in 2009 by the British Baker magazine to encourage the celebration of cupcakes by delis, coffee chains, supermarkets and craft bakers- and promote the sales of these by consumers to help small businesses.

During this week there is also the National Cupcake Championship which aims to find the best professional bakers in Britain.

The week aims to help boost sales of cupcakes to help the baking economy, and also promotes sponsorship opportunities for companies targeting cupcake markers.

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We’ll use any old excuse, and threw ourselves a nice afternoon tea cupcake party! How are you going to celebrate?