How our products are Printed and Manufactured; our Environmental Promise

18th November 2018

Our concern as a society towards the environment isn’t a new concern. There’s been a new wave recently with the social media storm caused by the wonderful Stacey Dooley presenting her documentary. Focusing on fast fashion and the damage it’s causing to the environment. Ultimately, we need to be aware of where our textiles and clothings come from, how they’re made and the environmental effect they’re having.

It’s therefore important that we write this blog. We want to let you know a little more about us and our fabrics and products. Giving  full transparency about where and how they’re made.

Our Cotton

We’ve been printing our fabric and manufacturing our products in the United Kingdom since 1994. Producing high quality products including licensed William Morris designs. Our 100% cotton is purchased from Pakistani cotton mills. Externally inspected and accredited, they’ve been long established mills, famous for their processes and quality. It’s a natural fabric and doesn’t contribute to today’s ‘throw away’ culture. This is because it’s got a longevity and a quality that lower quality fabrics just don’t possess. Lots of poly cotton mixes on the market today contain an oil based plastic which is inferior. It sheds fibres upon washing which also go into our water systems which is damaging. It also won’t last as long and isn’t as friendly to the environment since it contains oil and other mixes of polyester fibres. Pakistan is one of the leading cotton-growing countries, you can read the story of how cotton is grown and produced online. We totally believe you should know where and how your products are created so it’s an interesting read.


Our fabric is printed in the North of England, since we’re a Yorkshire business it made sense, supporting local businesses. The textile business in the North of England has declined since the golden years. However, what is left is such as passionate bunch of us that have a genuine love for a few things. Producing high quality goods in a world of fast paced buying. There’s no need to have a fast replacement approach to household textiles when they’re good quality. They should last.

Our printer uses an aqueous print system. This is a water based system with no solvents involved. This is not a dye but a pigment colour so our colours cannot run. The system is to oeko tex 100 European standard. The print works complies with all UK standards of waste removal, all waste water is pumped to the main sewer and twice monthly spot checks are made to ensure no contamination. We include this information just to increase the trust – being transparent with our customers allows them to purchase from us knowing where the products they have in their home as as environmentally friendly as can be. It’s our World and we’ve only got one of it so we should all be working to preserve it by making better purchasing choices.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Our printed fabric is then made up in the United Kingdom. Created by highly skilled, full time UK machinists who have the benefits of good wages, pensions and holiday pay. When watching programmes like Stacey’s, it reinforces that this isn’t always the case for workers in overseas factories. It’s easy to feel far removed from the process when we just pick up an item in a shop, but each product bought has been made somewhere. So, it’s always important to spare a thought about where it could have been made. You can be assured that with every Laura’s Beau product, that’s ethically made here in the United Kingdom.

Recyclable Packaging

Finally, our packaging that you receive our products in is printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and is all fully recyclable so make sure to recycle it! Currently, the packaging our products are in are recyclable and are currently sourcing recyclable postage bags that we send the products out to you in. That’s our next aim in ensuring we’re as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re conscious of it and are working towards it as it’s genuinely important to us.

Ultimately, our name is on our products so we want to be fully in control of where and how they’re made. Making high quality products that are environmentally friendly and printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom might buck the trend that is currently happening in the textile business. But, it’s so important to us. That’s why we just wanted to write this little note to you just incase it’s important to you too. If you have any other questions about our products and their process, you can get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!


So many companies are taking their textiles abroad to be printed and manufactured. It’s a shame because that’s not on account of better quality, it’s only for a cheaper price for the company. We’ve always refused to do that. We believe in good quality products that are made in the UK in a controlled and environmentally friendly manner.