Our Lavender Design

4th August 2019

You might have seen our William Morris licensed collections and assume that that’s all we have in our ranges. But we also have other ranges of designs – including French florals from our late 1800- early 1900 French archive and also our own exclusive designs. Including, Lavender.

This includes Lavender. At the moment, to celebrate what a beautiful summer print Lavender is, this range is on sale; with limited stock, there’s no time to wait!

Lavender will always be in our collection. It’s inspired by the English countryside, of the wind blowing gently and the lavender swaying along with it. This was the view that was seen often by Gill who founded Laura’s Beau and her dad, Ted. The summer watching the Lavender as they started the business was a lovely one and the design was the first they worked on together.

They wanted the design to be ageless. Evoke the feeling of summer – the fresh lavender, the cool breeze, the sunshine and bring that indoors. Even on the gloomiest of summer days (of which there are many living in England) or the cosiest of Autumn evenings, Lavender still brings those feelings when we use it.

Printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, just like all our designs. It’s printed onto 100% cotton cloth.

Napkins – these come in packs of 4


Cotton fabric

Take a look through our collections and let us know your favourite! There are so many different patterns and colours, no matter the season or colour of your home, there’s a design for you. It’s also worth noting that we have a wide range of products that are all manufactured in the UK, and fabric that is printed in the UK too, perfect for your craft projects.