“The spring is sprung, the grass is riz”

7th March 2017

If you’re anything like us, we’re very excited about the changing season, and whilst it isn’t officially spring until later in the month (the 20th to be exact) after Hurricane Doris and being rained on just one too many times- we’re ready for spring. Walking around our old stomping ground Harrogate last weekend, the flowers on the Stray are beginning to bloom, and it looks like the start of a beautiful flower season- are you planning to visit their flower show in April?

I’ve been looking into William Morris poetry lately, the collections he wrote show an deep level of intelligence Morris is renowned for. Wikipedia William Morris and he is summarised as, ‘William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.’ Whilst his legacy has lived on with him as a textile designer, during his life, he was best known for his poetry. So every so often, we put the designs aside and read a few of his poetry and consider the topics he felt important enough to record in his various works. Two relevant to our excitement for spring are:

Spring – William Morris

Spring am I, too soft of heart
Much to speak ere I depart:
Ask the Summer-tide to prove
The abundance of my love.

Spring’s Bedfellow – William Morris 
Spring went about the woods to-day,
The soft-foot winter-thief,
And found where idle sorrow lay
’Twixt flower and faded leaf.
She looked on him, and found him fair
For all she had been told;
She knelt adown beside him there,
And sang of days of old.

His open eyes beheld her nought,
Yet ’gan his lips to move;
But life and deeds were in her thought,
And he would sing of love.

So sang they till their eyes did meet,
And faded fear and shame;
More bold he grew, and she more sweet,
Until they sang the same.

Until, say they who know the thing,
Their very lips did kiss,
And Sorrow laid abed with Spring
Begat an earthly bliss.

To us, Spring always feels the time of new beginning- when the flowers bloom outside and trees finally lose their bare branches! That’s why, as well as the changes outside, it’s nice to revamp the inside too- a change of curtains, or recovering an old chair really do make a huge difference. In the kitchen- even something as small as a new tablecloth or matching set of kitchen accessories can really help to brighten the place up! Swapping out the darker colours for fresh bright ones is always great this time of year- it’s not necessary to change the whole room when one or two key changes can affect the way the whole room feels!
This photo from a customer shows how matching light shades and cushions can really make a room like brighter and more coordinated without too much effort! To produce something like this, or curtains, we sell all our fabric on our website by the half metre and with multiple options of fabric weight: cotton, heavy weight, drill and pvc fabric, there’s something suitable for every project!
For a ready made option, our lighter fabrics are our go- to’s right now! Which is your favourite?
Are you excited for spring? What’re you going to change in your home to brighten up the rooms for spring?