William Morris Arts & Crafts

20th May 2018

We always love blogging about craft projects customers have done using our fabrics. Coming in all different weights of cloth and various William Morris designs, we’ve got a print for everyone and we love seeing what you create from them! From big projects including patchwork quilts and curtains to smaller projects, we want to see them all – so email us photos to laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com and we’ll send you a 20% discount code from your next shop on our website to say thank you! 

Claresta emailed us to say that she’s been learning to sew and learning more about Pre-Raphaelites, she said “I found your wonderful shop and your wonderful William Morris fabrics! I ordered a couple of fabrics from your shop to try to sew with your fabrics. They are awesome, and would be very happy to order some more again in the future while I am still in the UK!” She made these wonderful book covers and we adore how they look – what better way to jazz up a book and protect it’s pages! Whether it’s a new notebook that you want to customise or a older book that you’ve read so much that the pages are looking a little worse for wear, re cover it and make it look good – or better – than new! 

When we first saw this re-covered Roberts radio Tony tweeted to us, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it looks! Obviously, we’re huge fans of up cycling and recovering vintage pieces to give them a new lease of life. The William Morris fabric does this excellently as they’re prints which are intricate and delicate and have shown themselves to never go out of style! We love these radios anyway, so the William Morris addition makes these something that we can’t get enough of seeing – make sure to go and check out all the different radios in different design the shop has. We love to imagine these 50s style radios in the kitchen, giving a soundtrack to making dinner and dancing round the kitchen. 

Fen tagged us in beautiful photos on Instagram of curtains her talented mum created from our William Morris Willow Bough Blue fabric. The benefits of using fabric over buying pre made curtains are many; it’s a more budget friendly move, it means you can get the exact length which is particularly important if you’ve got unusual shape or sized windows and, in such beautiful fabrics – they look good. When you get home and draw your curtains on a night, you want them to be pretty as you’ll probably spend quite a lot of time with them shut!

If you’ve created a craft project from our fabric, make sure you let us know! We’d love to feature your crafts on our blog and inspire other crafters – plus it means you get 20% off your next order! Just send us photos and tell us about your project; we can’t wait to see them!