William Morris Fabric

7th July 2021

We hope you’ve seen us online showcasing our licensed William Morris fabric. If not, maybe you’ll have a minute to read this blog and learn more about our fabric!

All our fabric is printed in the United Kingdom. It’s important to us to support the British Textile Industry by printing here, it also gives us a greater amount of quality control.

You’ll find a full collection of our fabrics here, they’re a mix of our licensed William Morris designs and exclusive French Floral designs.

We’ll start with our Morris designs:

Our collection of Morris designs are quite extensive, and are all licensed designs. We do print them both size and colour wise to our own specifications. If you’re in the UK and would like a free sample, please do get in touch and we will get them sent out to you.

We have a few fabric weights; 100% cotton, heavyweight cotton, drill and pvc coated fabric. We have written a few blogs about which weight of fabric might be right for your project, from dress making to upholstery and curtain fabrics, there’s a fabric weight suitable for most projects!

Within our collection, we have many popular Morris designs. Including Willow Bough, Strawberry Thief, Golden Lily and so on. We always try to showcase these on our social media with videos so that we can show you the fabrics in more detail. Please do remember to ask for a sample if you’d like to see them though!

You can hopefully see the difference in fabric weights from the photo above of Willow Bough cotton fabrics and below with Strawberry Thief blue, which is our heavyweight. The heavyweight is a thicker weave and therefore more suitable for things like curtains and light upholstery.

Our Exclusive French Floral designs:

Our French floral designs are some of our favourites. From our lateĀ 1800 – early 1900 French Archive, we’ve faithfully restored them to their former glory. Including our lovely Charlotte Rose, which we just think Is beautiful, you can imagine it in a French Chateaux can’t you!

Of course, we also have our collections in various licensed Morris designs – including some of the most well known such as Strawberry Thief, Willow Bough and Golden Lily. Which is your favourite?

Don’t forget that we often put videos of our William Morris fabric on on Instagram so you can see them in closer details. Remember to message us if you’d like a sample!