William Morris Fabric Crafts

31st July 2019

You might have seen our blog series about crafts you’ve made out of our William Morris fabrics. We absolutely love to share your projects – if you send us your photos, we will send you a 20% discount voucher for your next shop on our website.

Send your photos to – laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com

Willow Bough Blue lampshade

This beautiful Willow Bough Blue lampshade was created by fellow Yorkshire business – @lampshadequeens on Instagram. You can find their lampshades on Etsy, we absolutely love Willow Bough and can image when it’s lit up, it looks stunning! We would absolutely love these on a autumn’s evening made from Compton or Brother Rabbit red too!

Compton Memory Boxes

Susie crafted these memory boxes using Compton. We love memory boxes and use them all the time – either using them for holidays or per year. We absolutely love the idea of creating one like this for a loved one and filling it with lovely things for a present – filled with memories you have shades, photos, trinkets, tickets etc. You could even craft a gift box which can be then used by them as a memory box in the future and kept as a keep sake.

William Morris Seat cushions

Melanie from Mesmerizing Blue crafted these seat pads for some bentwood chairs, using a range of our fabrics to match lampshades she’d crafted from our fabrics. She sent us a lovely email with the photo saying, “I’ve been a customer for the last 2 years now. I am hoping that a discount voucher will allow me to stock up on the Golden Lily.I’m very happy with the quality and thickness of your fabric. My orders have always dispatched promptly so thanks for being awesome. They turned out beautiful, I did a combination of a few different prints.”


Upcycled Compton Chair
Upcycling furniture is a way that you can update an existing piece of furniture to breathe new life into the piece. Sometimes, the base of a chair for example, is perfectly lovely, but you just want to give the textile a bit of an update. Perhaps you’ve had it so long you’re ready for a change or perhaps over time it’s become worn. By changing the textile you can make it look completely different! Whether you get a pre loved chair cheaper at the antique market or charity shop or you already own it, it’s a great way to keep the craftsmanship of an older chair. Sometimes the antique furniture is better made or sometimes, we just adore the character of it. Often, the antique chairs are from similar years to that of when the Morris fabrics were designed!
Jane created the above project using Compton heavyweight fabric. She updated her “favourite little Parker Knoll chair with curvy arms that my aunt had bought in about 1950. It had very floppy feather cushions and rather perished Pirelli springs.
Well, here are the “before and after” photos of my attempt. It’s very comfortable now.  Not perfect, but my first sewing job since I stopped making clothes for my (now middle-aged) children.
Remember to send us your photos if you create a project using our fabrics! Take a look through our whole collection of designs.