William Morris Fabric Crafts

29th April 2020

Welcome back to our blog! We wanted to share wonderful projects you’ve all made from our William Morris fabric! We absolutely love seeing your crafts, so please tag us on social media or email us: laurasbeaufabric@gmail.com – we’ll email you a 20% discount code in return for money off your next project!

Brother Rabbit Keepsake Box

This box in our Brother Rabbit Red fabric is stunning! It was crafted by @totokofeb on Instagram – so beautifully crafted, it would be a great keepsake box wouldn’t it, or a lovely gift for a friend.

Strawberry Thief Amp

This covered amp using our Strawberry Thief Red fabric was created by @diyguitarparts and we think it would really stand out on a stage! (We want to make a joke that it’s totally ‘rocking’ but we wouldn’t want to be too obvious would we…)


Kiera sent us these photos of some lovely dresses she crafted. The left is Strawberry Thief blue and the right Compton. She said it’s “probably my favourite thing I’ve ever made!”

We can see why! She also said that, “the fabric is absolutely lovely and so easy to work with.”

Strawberry Thief Tea Cosies

Lynn sent us this photo of her Strawberry Thief tea cosies. Beautifully made, using our heavy weight fabric. Making tea time chic or what!

Strawberry Thief Curtains

Mhairi sent us this photo of her Strawberry Thief curtains. She’s a nurse so we’ll also add a huge thank you here; we appreciate all you’re doing for the front line right now.

Thank you everyone for sending us your photos of the lovely craft projects you’ve been doing from our William Morris fabric! If you have any projects you’ve done, please let us know on social media or email!