William Morris Christmas Gift Guide

11th November 2018

We love reading gift guides and as we approach December, there’s just so much that needs to get done. Writing a list for everyone that you need to buy gifts for but lets face it. Christmas isn’t all about presents and you want to enjoy the season. It’s pretty impossible though to enjoy spending time with everyone and going to all the parties if you’re stressed about everything you need to get done.

So, let’s get it done early so you can cut down on the time stood in the massive Christmas queues. It’s always boiling in the shops when you’ve got a big coat on and wouldn’t you rather be sat having a hot chocolate catching up with friends? We know we would!

We’ve separated this gift guide into who you’re buying for. The one who has everything. The one who’s always on the go. The one who loves to bake (or cook!) The one who loves to craft.

Let’s not waste anymore time and just get into it. We have an exclusive discount for our blog readers looking to do some early shopping, just use EARLYBIRD at checkout on our website for 10% off your order.


The one who loves to craft

Our William Morris fabric is sold by the half metre. So whether you know a project that your crafty friend is working on or want to give them a little of everything, it’s a fabulous gift. We love the idea of doing a few different fabric designs and then wrap them up in a nice bow. If your craft loving friends are anything like us, they’ll never have enough fabric to play around with on various projects!

Our fabric, along with being in various designs is also available in different weights; cotton, cotton drill, heavy weight and pvc.

(Photo by Fauna Home on Instagram)

The one who’s always on the go

For someone who is always on the go, our William Morris tote bags are ideal. In various sizes and William Morris designs, there’s one for everyone and every occasion. From small bags to long handled bags, there’s so much choice. They can keep a small one in their handbag for when some impromptu shopping occurs. A long handled bag is ideal for keeping in the car for when they go shopping to be a little more eco friendly or even to carry on a day trip with everything in.



For the one who has everything

We’ve all got that friend that’s really hard to buy for. But don’t fear, we’ve got lots of ideas for them! Household textiles are something that we all love. Swapping out colours and designs really transforms a room so get them a whole new set! You’ll probably know the colour scheme of their kitchen/dining room so stick within that to make sure it matches the rest of their decor. Take a look through our entire collection to see which would be perfect for them.


The one who loves to bake

If the person you’re gift buying for loves to bake or cook, get them an apron, oven glove and tea towel. It’s a thoughtful gift because they’ll know you’ve really thought of them and what they like to do. Mix the designs on each item or buy a complete set, they’ll think of you every time they use it. Bonus points if you wrap them up with a pretty festive baking mix!


A William Morris gift perfect for everyone

There’s so much within our collection; multiple Morris designs in all different products. Take a look through the whole collection or browse by product to see which design stands out to you. Feel free to browse by design or by the product you would like to gift!

All our products are printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Our William Morris designs are all licensed designs and printed colour and size wise to our own specifications. If you’d like a sample of any of our fabric before you buy, just get in touch and we’d be happy to get samples out to you!