How To Make Our William Morris Jewellery Roll!

14th May 2021

We hope you’re all well and keeping safe! With a staycation in mind, we created our latest craft; a William Morris fabric jewellery roll. It’s good to keep all your precious items together when travelling, whether (one day!) abroad or closer to home, we don’t like taking off our jewellery and leaving them around a room in case they get misplaced, so whether at home or further away, we hope you like our latest craft!

Fancy making your own jewellery roll?

You can of course use whichever fabric you want for this project, we went with two of our Morris designs and one plain cotton. Using William Morris Eyebright and William Morris Merton, we used Eyebright for the inner pockets and features and bound it with the matching bias binding. The Merton as you can see, we used for the outer of the jewellery roll. Lined with a complimentary white cotton.

You will need:

  • 3 different fabrics of your choice 
  • Wadding, we used cotton wadding as it is softer 
  • 20cm zip (if you’re using the same measurements as us) 
  • Small amount of polyester stuffing for the ring holder, the amount  depends upon your finger size! 
  • Velcro 2cm x 2cm square cut diagonally into 2 pieces
  • A piece of lace or fabric with holes 16.5cm long
  • Bias binding 220cm long

How to make:

  1. Start by cutting a piece of wadding, a piece of Merton blue and a piece  of white cotton 20cm wide by 46cm long. 
  2. Then cut in Eyebright fabric into
  • 1 piece 20cm wide by 8cm deep for the pocket 
  • A piece 17cm wide by 7cm deep for the rings 
  • One piece 17cm wide by 6cm deep for earrings 
  • 1 piece 13cm wide by 8cm deep for the necklace pocket 1 piece 13cm wide by 8cm deep for the necklace to hang from 

All seams are .5cm wide and you are working from the right of the  jewellery roll.

3.  Start by sewing the zip to the side of your pocket, then using the pocket  as your guide sew the zip to the white fabric. Pin the pocket so it is  placed where it will be when finished. 

Inner pocket for keeping things like watches, bracelets etc.

4. Next fold over the top of the open pocket for your necklace and hem across the top. Then fold the side and bottom seams down .5cm and  press so you can now hem them onto your white fabric. The right side of  the pocket is placed 2cm from the zip and 2cm from the bottom of the  fabric. Sew down three sides just leaving the top open. 

Hook your necklace over so it doesn’t get all tangled!

5. Take the 13 x 8cm piece of fabric for your necklaces to hang from and  length ways fold face to face, sew across the top and down the side. 

6. Turn correct side out and fold in the raw edges .5cm, you will now have  a tube. On the sewn end add a triangle of Velcro. On the folded end  stitch to the white fabric so the velco end is 2cm from the zip and 2.5cm  from the top edge. Stich the other piece of Velcro to the white fabric. 

7. To make the ring holder stitch the 17cm by 7cm wide across the top and  down one side, turning in the bottom .5cm so no raw edge is visible. 

Ring holder

8. Turn through and put the seam to the centre back, then form the triangle  at the top by holding down one corner, pin across so no filler can get in.  Fill the ring holder with soft wadding until it is the width of your finger… keep testing by putting your ring on it until it fits snuggly. Fill leaving the  last 1.2cm empty and tuck the corners in to make a triangle and stitch  the Velcro triangle to the end. 

9. Attach the top 1.2cm from the edge of the roll and 5cm from the  necklace holder. Attach the other piece of Velcro to the white fabric. 

10. For the earring holder take the 17 x 6cm piece of eyebright fabric and  press in the .5cm hem all the way round. Sew the lace along the top side  turning the ends under so it is down the centre of the fabric. 

11. Place the lace and eyebright fabric onto the white fabric 3.5cm from the  ring holder 1.5cm from the top and bottom edge and sew around 4  sides. 

Spot the earrings! Hard to photograph, but they sit snug and safe in the lace

12. Next cut a piece of bias binding 73cm long and fold in the raw edges to  the centre and press with an iron, then fold in the ends so you have no  raw edges at either end and fold the length of the bias binding in half  and press again. Now sew the length of the bias binding so you have  made the tie for the jewellery holder.

13. Take the William Morris Merton fabric and find the centre, both length  and width ways. Stitch the tie to the centre, back tacking a couple of  times to secure. 

14. Face down lay the Merton blue with ties pulled tight length ways put on  top the wadding and the inner facing you to make a sandwich, stitch  around the outline as close to the edge as you can, taking care not to  stitch down the ties. 

15. With the Merton blue fabric facing you pin the bias binding face down to  the edge, starting by folding the bias binding end 3cm back on it’s self so  no raw edges are visable once turned over. Stitch the bias all the way  and again turn the bias back on its self, crossing over where you started  so you don’t have a raw edge to finish. 

16. Turn the bias onto the centre of the jewellery roll and turn under the raw  edge and slip stitch by hand all the way around the jewellery roll until  you get back to the start. 

17. Roll and tie your jewellery roll, and you’re finished! 


And there you go – a jewellery roll, ready for your next staycation, or to decorate your dressing table at home. After all, isn’t it lovely to keep all your beautiful jewellery in a floral case! We absolutely love this craft, and hope you do too! If you do make it, we’d love to see, remember to tag us on our Instagram @laurasbeau