William Morris Scrunchie Craft

13th November 2020

Welcome to our latest blog on how to make our William Morris scrunchie craft. As the scrunchie remains in fashion in 2020, it’s a hair trend we can get behind. Lots of our craft blogs are on things for the house you can make – so we thought why not wear our crafts.

Morris textiles were designed by William Morris to be art and to be appreciated as such. We still like to celebrate that and treat each design whether it’s been manufactured into a tea towel or cushion. Therefore, we wish to wear this art in our hair!

We made two sizes to see which we preferred – larger ones and some skinnier scrunchies. You can see these on the photos to see which you’d prefer to make. As we’re on the countdown to Christmas as we write this, we do think they’d make a wonderful stocking stuffer. They’re easy to make, but we always love a handmade gift, always such thought and time goes into them so they mean a little more.

So you first need to choose which design you’d like to make your scrunchie from. We have a whole collection of licensed Morris designs to choose from. From left to right on the above these are; Strawberry Thief blue, Eyebright and Brother Rabbit. All made from our 100% cotton cloth that’s printed here in the United Kingdom.

We know quite a lot of people that actually make a scrunchie out of the scraps from the end of a project, which is a really great way of ensuring you’re not wasting fabric! If you are purchasing fabric for a scrunchie craft in particular, we do sell our fabric from 0.5m + and so you can just get half a metre in your desired design.

Here’s how to make your scrunchie:

Cut the fabric to: 60cm long and 7cm wide

Lay your 1/2 metre of fabric, folded in half, lengthways with the pattern facing each other.

Cut out with a fold at the top, you’ll need a 18cm piece of elastic – about 1/2cm wide is what we used

At one end, fold the fabric in 1/2 cm and press it across from one side to the other

Take your elastic and put the piece of elastic at the edge of the fabric and back tack over the elastic to hold it secure

Carry on down sewing down the long edge – you’ll be meeting the pressed edge as you reach the bottom

Take the edge with the elastic and turn it inside out – make sure you’re holding onto your elastic throughout this! We use a pencil to help with this. Now your pattern is the right way out.

Take the piece of elastic up to the top end and backtack it a few times so it’s held secure

Once that’s secure, go through the scrunch ensuring the sewn edge is to one edge of the scrunch (smooth all the way round, so it’s not twisted at all)

Sew the seamed edge, put it over the edge where the elastic is and sew it down to secure

There’s your scrunchie!

For the narrow scrunchie – do the same but don’t fold it in half at the beginning

This is the larger scrunchie in action – we do love how full it looks so you can really see the design. If you make a scrunchie with our fabric, be sure to tag us in your photos, we’d love to see!