The Dining Room, Cardiff Castle

11th September 2015


The Dining Room at Cardiff Castle is dominated with this most beautiful fireplace. Although it is hard not to spend your time looking up at the ceiling!

William Burgess designed the interiors, shown in the photos, they were marvellous and opulent, completely over the top splendor fils the castle. The elaborate carvings you can see in the photos, and the gold gilding, stained glass and murals are all in Burgess style, and look marvellous in the themed rooms. Throughout the castle each room has a clear theme, which makes the castle a truly fabulous and interesting place to visit, as you never know what the next room will bring- a Medditeranean garden in the middle of Cardiff perhaps!



Set into the wooden lined walls are precious stones, and carved into the wood are many weird and wonderful creatures. There are so many different things within the decoration it is hard to see it all just within a short period of time.