RMS Queen Mary

12th August 2015

If you are a regular blog reader you will have read about our visit to the RMS Queen Mary.

I loved my time on board and thought you may like to see the remaining photographs.



This area is called The Bridge, from here the Captain and crew would guide the ship across the Atlantic Ocean.

The RMS Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic 1001 times.

(note our small Eyebright William morris bag)


The Original First class lounge, now called the Queens Salon.

The lounge is on the promenade deck, during the day it would have been used for reading, relaxing and socialising.

In the evening the room could be used as a ballroom or cinema, the beautiful gesso Panel has five openings so films could be projected through it.

The gesso panel is called “Unicorns in Battle” and is by Gilbert Bayes and Alfred Oakley and although I entered the room by a door at the side of the panel it drew me to it and dominated the room. The lights were also a wonderful feature of the room


A beautiful glass panel on the stairway

Note the William Morris Eyebright small bag!



The lovely detail on the stairs leading to the main hall. I just love brass banister!

Note our William Morris Lily small bag!