Dalziel Brothers, wood engravers

21st November 2014

Dalziel Brothers was one of the foremost, highly regarded firms of wood engravers (for book illustration) and printers during the Victorian Era.  It was a family firm and, in fact, there were four brothers and one sister active in the firm: George (1817-1902),  Edward (1817-1905), John (1822-1869), Thomas (1832-1906), and  Margaret (1819-1894).

Dalziel Brothers were the engravers for PreRaphaelites artists such as JE Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and many others contemporary artists such as Edward Lear and John Tenniel.   The Dalziel Brothers cut the wood blocks for many of the well-known Victorian children’s classics.

D G Rossetti

The Maids of Elfen-Mere by DG Rossetti, (1855)