Old Town Temecula, California

2nd September 2015

While on holiday we stayed at the western town of Temecula, California. Old Town was established in 1859, in the heart of Temecula. Walking through the town you will see many historic buildings, and over 640 antique dealers, bars, restaurants, and shopping areas, as well as some historical museums. It holds a true feeling of an old western town, it was first established when the California Railroad came through the valley and local investors created the first Bank.

Before this, the area was inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years, pre Spanish missionaries. It has been guessed they lived in the area for more then 10,000 years, in Pechanga mythology, life on earth began in this valley. Many names have hence been given to the area, which are very interesting, including, “Exva Temeeku” which means the place of the union of Sky-father, and “The Sun that Shines Through the Mist.” The Temecula indians, lived at “Temeekunga” which means “The Place of the Sun.”

Whist we were visiting, we visited a shop and bought some authentic Native American jewellery, which is beautiful, and so special!



We drove along historic route 395


We found a number of lovely American antique shops


We thought our William Morris Golden Lily Tote Bag fitted in well!!


The Golden Lily is almost a classic British antique, being first produced in 1897! Having always loved British antiques it is very interesting to see American antiques too!