Why is Our Fabric So Much Cheaper Than Our Competitors’ Fabric?

23rd September 2013

Why is Our Fabric So Much Cheaper Than Our Competitors’ Fabric?


–      We use very high quality cotton fabric (free samples available on request).

–      Our printer is a long-established British printer and is one of the best printers in the world.

–      We do not sell seconds.


Yet Our Fabric Is Less Expensive – How Do We Do It?


Our designs come either from our own historic archive or they are independently-licensed William Morris designs.  We commission the prints after deciding on the sizing of the design and which colours are needed. We originate the printing screens and commission printing onto our high-quality 100% cotton fabric.

Unlike most textiles sold in Britain today,  Laura’s Beau textiles are British made.  All of our production stages are carried out in Britain, keeping transport cost low.

We do not have the high costs of a showroom or high street store.

When you buy from Laura’s Beau, you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not spend huge amounts on advertising.

By keeping our business costs to a minimum we can sell our high quality cotton fabrics at ridiculously low prices!

So Buy British with confidence and enjoy our  beautiful high-quality Laura’s Beau fabrics.


William Morris Fabric, Mallow Wine