Burmantofts Tiled Fireplace

28th September 2015

Burmantofts (also known as the Leeds Fireclay Co.) is one of the most fascinating design companies of the Victorian era.

Burmantofts owned a large area of land in Leeds which contained a particularly fine clay.

The special properties of the clay (high level of silica and low amount of impurities) allowed the production of highly detailed pieces.

Burmantofts employed many famous and talented artists of the period to design their sculptures, such as the famous artist and designer, GC Hiate (1855-1924) and the celebrated Aesthetic Movement and Liberty’s designer, EW Godwin (1833-1886).

Godwin was a close friend and associate of William De Morgan who worked closely with William Morris.

I saw this lovely Burmantofts fireplace at Lotherton Hall, Leeds