A sustainable wrapping idea…

1st December 2019

We can often be found spending a little too long on Instagram, scrolling through beautiful interior accounts, dogs dressing up and floral accounts. However, when we came across a movement The World’s Most Rubbish (TWMR) using the #cutthewrap which encourages us to cut down on our environmental impact this Christmas.

TWMR have said that their research claims 58% of us Brits are looking to make more sustainable choices this season. Which isn’t a surprise after we read that every single Christmas, in Britain, we throw away enough gift wrap to circle the globe a ridiculous nine times. Now, lots of this can’t even be recycled – a general guide we read is that if it has glitter on it or if it doesn’t hold into a ball when scrunched, then it can’t be recycled.

So, what are we doing to be more sustainable this year? As a nation, again according to the TWMR, the number one way we’re looking to be more sustainable is by cutting back on how much wrapping paper we use. The total amount that we use is 72,312,300 rolls.

So, what can we do to help?

Well, make the wrapping part of the present of course! This year, we used tea towels and fabric by the half metre (for those that like to craft so it is part of their gift.) The two below photos show how easy it is to do. These gifts were sent to our friends in Japan who are our exclusive retailers over there. We used our new Strawberry Thief Red tea towels as the wrapping and then for the bows we used bias binding. We debated using different colours for the bows – perhaps Willow Bough blue as the wrapping and Willow Bough green for the bow.


We were tagged in the below photo by Fauna Home on Instagram of her using our William Morris Willow Bough fabric as a gift wrap alternative. We absolutely love that she brought the naturalistic element back to the fabric by adding in greenery to the bow. It brings together Morris’s vision of nature to his designs and also reinforces that it’s sustainable!

Be careful to only add in greenery just before you give the presents so it doesn’t go a little sad! We’d recommend adding in eucalyptus as it’s so beautiful and also trendy right now – it also doesn’t require that much water and upkeep!

Will you be using a more sustainable option of gift wrapping this year? We sell all our fabric by the half metre, so that whatever your size of gift, there’s a gift wrap option for you! The beauty is that after unwrapping their gift, they actually end up with another gift of a tea towel or fabric if they love to craft!

If you’d ever like to read our personal sustainable policy – you can do here.