A Truly British Business

10th June 2016

Recently, we’ve set up our very own YouTube channel, to show our customers where our products come from! We are very proud to be a completely British business, that is, all of our products are printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

This is our Willow Bough Blue fabric being printed. Whenever we go to visit our printer we love to see our fabric being printed as the many processes the fabric goes through to create the end result is amazing! Willow Bough was a favourite of May Morris because of the, “pleasant river-scenes it recalls,” as she remembers, “we were walking one day by our little stream that runs into the Thames and my father pointed out the detail and soon after the paper was done,” she even used the wallpaper to decorate her bedroom! Since we’ve started to produce this design, in both blue and green, it’s fast become one of our favourites too! The design has a timeless vitality and freshness; first produced by Morris in 1887 it was used for wallpaper, and adapted for use for fabric in 1895 when it was block printed in Merton Abbey- since then it’s been popular in upholstering furniture as well as being used to make curtains.


We licence the design and print it to our own size specification, one which we believe looks the best for our product range.

This video shows our Golden Lily fabric being quilted- you can see the machine creating the the 1 inch diamond quilting we use to make our oven gloves and placemats. Golden Lily is made up of entwining lily stems and tendrils, and is a beautiful repeating pattern, which was first produced in 1897.

Our Pimpernel Cream fabric being printed- William Morris first designed Pimpernel in 1876, he printed and manufactured all his products in the UK, and so we do the same.
The design is named after the small pimpernel flowers within the design, rather than the large poppies that dominate it.
The design is named after the small pimpernel flowers rather than the large poppies that dominate it.