A William Morris Compton Pumpkin 🎃

12th October 2017

How fabulous is our Halloween pumpkin! We love to decorate our houses for various holidays; Easter, Christmas etc. so there’s little surprise when we came across this cardboard pumpkin in Hobbycraft that we came over all Pinterest and decided to get crafting!

This is such an easy project to do; all you need is a cardboard pumpkin, some PVA glue and a brush and some fabric (about 7m of bias binding.) The bias binding works perfect because it’s already all cut into small strips and works perfectly to glue and stick onto the pumpkin and the bias cut moulds well to the shape of the pumpkin. About a half meter of fabric would work just as well, we love Compton because of the colours this time of year look beautiful and is really complimented by the flickering candles within (obviously battery operated!)

We also used this opportunity to treat ourselves to some themed Betty’s ghost white chocolate cakes and a Nespresso!

We took our little pumpkin to meet the other pumpkins at the pumpkin patch (award for the most times pumpkin has been said in one sentence?)