A William Morris Dog Bed Fabric Craft

23rd November 2020

We absolutely love this craft for a William Morris dog bed. We’re a big fan of homemade gifts this year for Christmas and birthdays. What better for a pet owner than a treat for their beloved animal! It’s super easy to make, so we hope you make your own, if you do, be sure to let us know!

If you’re perceptive, you’ll notice that’s no dog in the bed we made. It is in fact our little bunny rabbit, Trevor. He absolutely loves  the bed we made for him. He’s a little spoilt, but as an elderly rabbit he does enjoy some cushioning. You might never have heard of a rabbit on a cushion. But, he sits on it like the Princess and the Pea. A rescue bunny, he lives inside and is enjoying a life of luxury whilst we wait on him hand and foot.

So, what you’ll need:

  • You’ll need some fabric – your favourite Morris fabric from our collection or a design that will go with your loved ones home decor if you’re making it for someone as a gift. The amount of fabric will depend on the size of bed you’re making. That will be determined by the size of the dog you’re making it for.
  • Padding – you’ll need padding for the bed – you can use normal wadding that you can buy online or repurpose an old duvet if you’d like. If you use an old duvet, of course make sure it’s clean but then you can cut it to make sure it fits.

How to make:

Remember the measurements will depend on the size of bed you’re making – but for our dog bed we used these sizes:

Strip measures 140cm long x 42cm high

Base is 49cm x 37cm wide

Of course, looking at the bed, it’s a *tad* oversized for a little rabbit, but he does love to lounge. You can judge how big you need to make it based on shop made beds so you can look up those measurements.

First off, you need to cut your stuffing, start larger then cut down to size which allows you to judge the sizing for the rest of the bed. If it’s for a gift, you can always google measurements of standard sized dog beds for the pup. You then need to cut the fabric to match the sizing of stuffing for both the back and the bottom of the bed.

We’ll split the two components for the bed up – there’s a back piece which circles round the bed to keep the animal nice and cosy. There’s also the base piece which they sit upon, so that needs to be nice and stuffed so that they can get comfy and it’ll squish down the more they use it.

We’ll start by making the back of the bed. Cut the cover to match the size of stuffing and sew along either end and one long side. Turn the correct way round and press. Fold in the seams along the bottom to  make a neat edge and top stitch to retain the wadding. You now have one long piece. Measure down from the top along the length about 6inches. Top stitch along the bedding – this will hold your wadding in place.

Now we’ll do the bottom piece.  Use the square of wadding and cover in the same way as above. Again, proportionate to the size of dog you’re making this for.

You now need to stitch these together so that the outer piece sits vertical to the square base. It’s that easy!

A really simple craft but a great item for your pet and also perfect as a gift. What a cute craft, we can’t wait to see if you make one too! If you do, we hope you’ll share the pictures with us. So there you go, a really easy dog bed craft featuring our rabbit!