All the beautiful things…

17th February 2016

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting together some photos our customers have sent of the ways they use our fabrics! We sell both William Morris licensed design fabrics of which we have one of the larges ranges in Britain that have been printed in the UK, as well as beautiful French designs from our exclusive early 1800-late 1900 French archive.

easter photo

This photo has inspired us to throw more of a celebratory party this year for Easter- one of our customers in Australia threw this party Easter 2015, using our Mallow Wine Pvc fabric, which is a perfect choice for an outdoors party. We do sell ready made tablecloths, however if your table is an unusual size or you have an extra long table such as this one to accommodate the whole family, buying it to your size specification is the easiest way to go- because of the way it is printed, our Pvc fabric will not fray- so it is straight out of the parcel and onto the table- a custom tablecloth with no messing around! This year, in rainy England we might not venture outside for our meal, but we love the Lindt bunnies on the table and the bunting in the trees looks so pretty!

lavender table

Another of our customers went on holiday to France, and took both our Lavender tablecloth and our Red Strawberry Thief zip top tote bag with them to carry their picnic in! Lavender is an exclusive, classic Laura’s Beau design. The design will always be a sentimental design for the business- it was the last design Ted produced, and was inspired by many trips around the countryside, viewing the fields of English Lavender. The memories are happy ones, Gill (company MD) and Ted (her father) designing the fabric together, and taking it to print as a joint project.

mallow chair

rocking chair

Covering upholstery is something you can do to revitalise your furniture- if your chair is looking worse for wear, or you’re just a tad bored, our fabric will do the job for you! Suitable for light domestic use, we have covered all our chairs in the different patterns we have- we have so many designs in so many colour ways that we will have the right colouring for your taste!

mallow kitchen

We also love this country kitchen- the Mallow Blue pattern looks great here, if you have a large open space like this and no cupboard doors, this way of covering anything under the unit could be a money saver as well as a way to brighten up the room and make it look larger instead of all wood. Looking at some beautiful fabric is much better than staring at your recycling bins whilst you’re eating dinner!


We stock cotton, drill, heavyweight and Pvc coated fabric, as well as matching bias binding, so all of your needs are covered where your craft projects are concerned!

Our fabrics are available on our website, if you want to see any before you buy, don’t hesitate to email on us at sales@laurasbeau.co.uk – make sure you let us know your  name, address and which sample you would like- include all these things and we will get it out to you as soon as possible!