Around the world in 365 days

27th December 2019

Okay, so not quite around the world, but close enough? This year, our team have been lucky enough to travel to some very beautiful places around the world and have taken our products with them. We wanted to do a round up almost, of all the places we’ve been and what we took with us.


This island is one of the most beautiful. The people are lovely, the flowers beautiful and the lidos just a little too cold for us to actually venture into. It’s so lovely to simply explore the island and take a look at the marvellous scenery. The weather was really changeable in April when we visited so we kept lots of layers in our Brother Rabbit tote – plus there was a great Zara in Funchal so we needed a tote to carry our purchases!



Alongside singing the Beach Boys from days on end, we got up to lots in California. The top left shows our Strawberry Thief red bag on the beach in Coronado just outside Hotel del Coronado. Famous for being the backdrop to Marilyn Monroe’s film, Some Like it Hot. We love that film with it’s genius ending line, ‘well, nobody’s perfect!’ Probably the best movie ending? We couldn’t resist a photo op of the bag since it matched the colour scheme so well before we watched the sunset over the ocean.

Following on with the Strawberry Thief theme with our other three California photos (our new and improved ST range was released just before this holiday!) The top right was taken in La Jolla, a beautiful coastal town. We saw lots of signs for Sea Lions but didn’t see any our selves. Lots of opportunities for great ice creams and great shopping opportunities here too! A beautiful stop off.

The below left photo was taken whilst on a bike ride on Coronado. You can see San Diego in the background – what a view for a bike ride! We got stuck in traffic when we went on the road from one side of the island to the other; in hindsight, stick to the pavements and cycle paths/ less busy roads if you take a cycle here!


Alcúdia was a lovely little trip away to get some sun. We booked this after it rained for a week straight here in Yorkshire – a week with absolutely no sunlight will drive us Brits abroad won’t it! Majorca didn’t disappoint and this trip saw our Strawberry Thief and Brother Rabbit totes carrying our towels, magazines, sun cream and flip flops around!


Disneyland is one of our favourite places, it’s just so full of happiness! Especially during the festive season, it is all so pretty and magical. Our tote bag was particularly necessary here because it was gloves and scarves on outside and off inside when it was warm and we were all defrosting in the restaurants and rides. To keep it all safe and tougher, we stored them in our zipped top tote bag.


Whenever we visit London, it always seems to be a weekend of running round trying to discover the latest exhibitions and openings since we last ventured down. This trip, we decided to walk everywhere so that we saw some more. We also did some fun ‘tourist’ things like walking down Regent Street and looking in the shop windows and walking London Bridge.

Whats your favourite place you went this year? We love looking through holiday photos! We know our products get all over the world, including Japan where we have an exclusive stockist. We’d love to visit ourselves one day!