Benjamin Creswick and Leeds Library

24th July 2013


Benjamin Creswick, sculptor, (1853-1946) was a protégé of John Ruskin.  Ruskin was Creswick’s teacher, patron and friend for many years.  Frank Brangwyn (who was very knowledgeable in these matters as he was an apprentice of William Morris), recorded the fact that Ruskin actually trained Creswick.

Creswick worked on the interior of the Leeds Library building.  Creswick modelled the sculptures in the medallion portrait reliefs in the roundels in the tiled hall.  In recent years the tiled hall has been renovated and the original marble pillars revealed and restored, as well as the tiled walls.  The sculptured medallion portraits in relief contain representations of  Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe, Burns, Scott, Horace and Macaulay.