Have you seen our William Morris Oven Gloves?

10th November 2020

We hope you have seen our collection of William Morris oven gloves, but if not, why not stick around and let us show you them! As with all our products, the fabric is printed in the United Kingdom. Then manufactured into oven gloves (and all our other products) here in the UK too. They are all made from our licensed William Morris fabric and are machine washable at 40 degrees just incase you get them a little messy when cooking and baking.

Size wise, they’re 84cm long by 19cm wide. They have a central hook for hanging on the AGA or a peg on the wall. This is perfect to use as a styling prop and also functional to grab as you juggle cooking. The back of the hand are protected too with a 2oz coravin covered backhand. And are manufactured to BS6526 1998 safety standard.

Now, enough health and safety – here’s some of our patterns:

William Morris Willow Bough Oven Gloves

These Willow Bough oven gloves in blue (we have Willow Bough Green too) are so beautiful to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Hang on a kitchen peg or over the oven for a functional but stylish decor. Willow Bough was influenced by the trees Morris would see on his walks in the country from his home, Kelmscott Manor. His daughter May wrote of the design. She said, “We were walking one day by our little stream that runs into the Thames and my father pointed out the detail and soon after the paper was done.” We also have Willow Bough in a green and cream colour option.

Trellis Oven Gloves

The oven glove and tea towels set are a great gift for yourself or a loved one for a birthday or Christmas. You could either match the two or mix and match the patterns for a little fun twist. The Trellis design is one that’s easy to mix and match with blue, greens and reds.

Trellis was designed in 1864. Inspired by the rose trellis in the garden of Red House – his home in Bexleyheath.

Pimpernel Green

Isn’t Pimpernel such a lovely pattern. We have it in a cream colour way too if that’s more to your decor styling. First produced in 1876. The design is named after the small pimpernel flowers rather than the large poppies that dominate it. The Pimpernel pattern is so timeless, as stunning today as all those years ago when Morris designed it!


Of course, this isn’t our full range, there’s many more Morris designs within our collection, but we thought we’d just share a few and you can go choose your favourite to compliment your colour scheme. If you have a favourite, let us know! We’d also love to see our products in your home, if you’re happy to share, tag us on social media!