John Pollard Seddon and his Forefathers

29th November 2013


Llandaff’s architect John Pollard Seddon was the son of a highly successful cabinet making and furniture manufacturing dynasty dating back to the early 18th century.  The furniture dynasty was begun by George Seddon who, like his contemporaries, Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite, became successful creating furniture in London for the explosion in demand which occurred at the time.

George Seddon became so successful that by the 1750s he was able to buy a formers Bishop’s Palace, which he developed into the largest furniture store in Britain.  Furniture was made on the large site where he employed over 400 craftsmen and apprentices.  The finished items were displayed in the panelled ex-staterooms of the palace.  George’s sons, Thomas Seddon (1761–1804) and George Seddon (1765–1815) eventually took over the firm.

Thomas’s son (another Thomas) (1792–1864) took over the business. Two years later his brother (another) George (1796–1857) joined him.  Thomas Seddon (the Third)  (1821-1856) worked in the business for a short time before becoming the famous PreRaphaelite painter.  JP Seddon (1827-1906) Llandaff’s architect, was his younger brother.   JP Seddon commissioned many items from the and the PreRaphaelites in his various projects.

SAM_0702and the PreRaphaelites in his various projects.