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26th January 2016

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Here at Laura’s Beau, an Asos delivery has become a regular occurrence that results in a quick fashion show before its back to work. It was really exciting then, to see beautiful dresses made from our fabric being sold on Asos Marketplace! The dresses are sold by ‘Vintage Style Me,’ and are sold in William Morris; Golden Lily, Strawberry Thief, Brother Rabbit and Mallow Wine!

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William Morris Strawberry Thief was first produced in 1883. William Morris was inspired to produce this design whilst watching the birds steal his strawberries from under the fruit nets at Kelmscott Manor. This design can be still seen at Kelmscott where it is hanging where he originally placed it in the hall.

We love these dresses and it is always so fun to see what people can make out of our fabric when they’re creative! The fabric is sold by the half metre, so the world is your oyster in terms of what you make- find the fabric here! We love to see what you make from our fabric, if you’re proud of your creation, please send us photos so we can feature them on our blog and inspire everyone else! Send the pictures to our email sales@laurasbeau.co.uk

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The companies dresses are available in sizes XS-L and are shipped worldwide (and whilst we’re writing this, we spy the Strawberry Thief one is on sale!!!)

Golden Lily and Brother Rabbit are two of our latest licensed William Morris designs. Golden Lily was first produced in 1897. It is one of Morris’ most popular enduring designs, popular throughout the years, it consists of intertwining tulips, lilies and leaves.

Brother Rabbit is one of our favourites! Only recently have we released it, we’re so pleased with the result and think the products are beautiful! Brother Rabbit was first produced in 1882 at Merton Abbey using the Indigo discharge method of printing. The design was named after a character in  Uncle Remus, His Song and his Sayings by J.C.Harris (1881) a book which was read by Morris to  his daughters Jenny and May. The birds were actually drawn by Morris’ life long friend Philip Webb, who was an extremely talented architect with a love of drawing and painting nature. You may have also seen the design referred to as Brer Rabbit, both names are applicable, but since we have two lovely little boy rabbits at home we adopted a few years ago, (and are brothers) and ‘Brother Rabbit’ is a more popular term in how the design has been passed through the years, so we thought Brother Rabbit was fitting!


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Mallow Wine was first produced by William Morris 1879- such beautiful colours for this time of year!

Which dress is your favourite? We love the Brother Rabbit design dress with the cute collar!


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